Monday, January 25, 2010

Does Commenting On Other People’s Blogs Make a Difference?

Do you comment on other people’s blogs? If you are a blogger, you know the emotional lift you get when people actually take the time to acknowledge what you’re writing. It makes all the effort feel really worth it. But did you know there are business reasons why commenting on blogs is a good idea?

Consider this: 
  • Your primary objective through social media is most likely to build visibility for yourself and your business. When you comment on the influential blogs in your niche regularly, you become known by not only that blogger, but by the people that regularly read that blog too.
  • Some people that read that blog, and appreciate the thoughtful points you make, may click your name to read more about what you have to say. That’s why you should always include a website link in the optional field. (NOTE: I advise against including your link in the text of your comment. That just feels spammy.)
  • Sometimes, if the blogger hasn’t disabled it, those website links count as incoming links to your blog, increasing your search engine visibility.
  • You contribute to the larger discussion that helps everyone in your niche consider different viewpoints, and ultimately become better. Are you helping to shape the conversation? 
It’s so easy to just consume the content that other people are putting out there, without giving back. But those that are most successful know that contributing is an important part of visibility. Take some time to read 3-5 influential blogs in your niche several days a week, and leave comments! It will benefit the visibility of your business.  blog contributor - Jennifer Fong

 You share your comments about wines - good or bad.  Why not take a few minutes to comment on the thoughts of another.  Chances are they will be thrilled by your feedback - good or bad.  So - get going!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Martin Luther King Day

You may be enjoying the day off. You may be scrambling to work while your children are enjoying their day home from school. You may experience inconvenience on the “bank” holiday. Breathe and reflect on how Dr. Martin Luther King’s words are still worthy of guidance going forward in our complicated and global world.

“…my four children will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”
Character! As we are challenged to grow our businesses, close sales and juggle family life, remember his words. While pursuing your dream and your personal best you need only remember the significance of your character. The REAL you, the content of your character, will lead others to be a part of your success toward accomplishing your dream.

Today we honor a leader above leaders. A man who brought honor to this great nation by holding our leaders, our people, accountable to the promises we hold self evident. Today we honor a man who teaches us not to live in fear.

“Tonight I’m not worried. Tonight I’m not fearing any man – my eyes have seen the coming of the Lord.” Martin Luther King

As leaders we have the power to act on our passions without fear. Whatever your dream – you have the power of choice!

I imagine bits and pieces of Dr. Kings famous speeches will be running on the TV or maybe even radio. Just in case you would like to listen on your own time, I’m attaching this link:
I Have a Dream

Bless the lives of those you care about by BEING a Leader.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Consider Each Moment a Success

I live moment to moment and see greatness all around me, especially in others. When asked about my greatest achievement I am stifled. Greatest? Really? Are they asking me to nail down a particular life accomplishment like childbirth, writing a best selling book or climbing a mountain? If that were the case I simply couldn't choose.

If asked "What would you say contributed greatest toward your success?" I could easily answer: learning to live in the now. It allows me see and enjoy the wonders around me. It allows me to see the beauty in the person beside me.

Sound corny or 'earthy'? Consider the person who has had a near death experience. They have a greater or even new appreciation for every moment in life. They live each day as if it were their last. You too can have the same exhilaration for life without the near death experience.

Now, when asked about the greatest wine I've ever tasted I again reflect on the moment.  How I feel or want to feel depends very much on where I am mentally and physically.  So would my answer.  At the moment I am energized and its sunny and cold outside.  Writing this blog it would be great to have a buttery yet mild-bodied Chardonnay with notes of toasted oak in my hand.  I'll post this and possibly make my way to the wine cellar to see what looks the great.
Try it... it is GREAT!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Lead the Way ... what it takes to get your products to your customers.

Lead the Way and be a part of progress.
Since moving to Pennsylvania I am constantly reminded of how difficult this state makes it for Winemakers to sell their wines. I've even gone to extreme measures to get my favorite wines shipped into the state (names witheld to protect the awesome). Well it seems Pennsylvania is finally giving in to consumer demand and making a few changes for distribution. 

Lead the Way and be a part of progress.
It is ever-so-exhillerating and inspiring to see anyone willing to act on an idea and see it become a reality.  Thank you to the creative minds behind this idea.