Friday, February 19, 2010

Open That Bottle Night - Feb. 27, 2010

It's Friday friends - and that means you get less of leadership and more of wine.
February 27th is Open That Bottle Night.
I know what you're thinking, "Jake made that up."
Nope - see for yourself.
I think that might be the right time to introduce Divinitatis Coaching's new wine label. Oh, and open up that bottle.

Use your leadership skills to create an evening with one mission in mind:  Open That Bottle!

What will you be doing?  Your fellow blog readers really do want ideas - I bet yours is a good one.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Do you value your leadership quality like an exquisite rare wine?

"There are things whose value depends upon only their rarity, such as...exquisite wines.  Since we can only procure things from particular territories of very small scale, it follows that their quanity be very limited: no amount of hard work is able to increase their quanity."  Ricardo, English economist

There is only one you so you'll need to value the quality of your leadership.  Be sure to invest in yourself.  Be your personal best.  No matter how hard you work there is only one you - so be the best and reap the rewards of earning top dollar for your value. 

Value depends on rarity. Economics is quite simple- right?

Friday, February 12, 2010

Leaders don't give up on what's important!

I reward myself for an excellent work week with a worthwhile wine. I'm pleased the artisan that made the wine did not give up when facing challenges that came his way.
Read on...

I recently received a tip that was especially relelvant for any of us who are parents, and for us business owners (that includes winemakers) too. Charles Fay from the Love and Logic Institute ( was talking about his father who made a profound impact on this life by repeatedly sharing this important thought:

"Well, Charlie, what's really worthwhile in life is rarely easy."

Charlie goes on to say that many children rarely get this powerful message about struggle, and end up going from one thing to the next, hoping for it to be 'easy', and desperately trying to find fulfillment.

That got me to thinking, "Doesn't that apply to us as business owners too?" Marketers everywhere are telling us that it is easy, when in fact anything worthwhile in life is rarely easy.

As a result, we have unrealistic expectations about growing our business, the results we will get, and the amount of work involved. And then in the end we feel like WE are not suited to be businesses owners, and that WE are the failures. And then we move on to the next venture hoping to find more ease and success there. 

 Is it worthwhile to grow a thriving business, and are you willing to do the work to make it happen?

I reward myself for an excellent work week with a worthwhile wine.  I'm pleased the artisan that made the wine did not give up and faced any challenges that came his way.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Leadership Perspective - Fresh Mondays!!!

Fresh Start for Monday - Pay & Plan.  Unlike Garfield the Cat - I like Mondays.

I begin by paying bills.  There is nothing like a sense of completion when closing your checkbook for the week.  Major ahhhhhh, right?

Next I reward myself by finding a wine event (you can choose any activity) and write it in on my calendar.  No time for attending the event or its too far away?  Write it down anyway.  You never know if your schedule will open up for an activity that interests you.  Now your prepared for possibility.

Now your bills are done and you're prepped for fun.  The rest of the week is yours!

Brandywine Trail:  Wine & Chocolate Month

February 2010
Bring your sweetheart and come celebrate with the wineries of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail as we present delicious wine and chocolate tastings and other romantic activities throughout the month.

See you on the trail?
Monday Inspiration

Friday, February 5, 2010

Each man set his own standard

There are no standards of taste in wine... Each man's own taste is the standard, and a majority vote cannot decide for him or in any slightest degree affect the supremacy of his own standard. ~ Mark Twain
We like to think we set the standards for others, right?  We set the bar or we even raise the bar.  But truly it is we that decide for ourselves just which stardard we would follow or set.  Thus WE/ YOU set your own standard.
While I know what may be right for another and see in her the possibilities, she must see them for herself.  She must decide on her own personal standard for it is only that standard for which she will strive.  If you truly want to grow or help another to grow, encourage her to look within first.  If you want to help, teach her ways to discover her internal compass for setting her own standard.  Your reward for this effort is watching her grow.  Who knows, her standards may be far beyond whatever you would have set for her.
These thoughts are a little deep for a Monday - so it's Friday and I'm enjoying a fabulous Zinfandel Hayley's from Kamere Vinyards, CA.  Here's a thought when selecting the people with whom you will share your wine:
Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.  ~ Mark Twain (1835–1910) American humorist and writer