Friday, August 21, 2009

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lost Keys ?

Did you know that 1500 sets of keys are turned into the Las Vegas International lost and found department annually? That's just one airport in one city in all the world (albeit many things stay in Vegas). There is a cool website, that helps you tag them and get them back.

What do keys have to do with leadership? Surly you know the term Keys to Leadership. It's all related.

I wonder how many clients or contacts you lose a year because you don't have anything to link them back to you. The care and keeping of your existing clients and contacts is more valuable than and takes less energy generating new ones. Never under estimate the value of tried and true birthday cards, newsletters, gimmicky give-a-ways and quarterly phone calls.

Never leave out family. Make sure they see you as the leader you are in your life. Keep them close and tuned in to your leadership activities. Last year I received a referral from my Uncle Paul. I haven't seen him in years but the birthday card I send (thanks mom for burning that one in my brain) and keeping him on my email list kept us connected.

Until someone develops www.return2(yournamehere).com , make sure you take the time to stay linked. You'll better serve your existing clients, keep channels open for prospects and generate leads.

I'm off to Vegas to search through 1500 sets of keys; this may take some time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Leadership Speaks in Tones

Leadership has a tone of voice that is heard even in whispers.

An inherent change leaders experience as they develop confidence is in their tone of voice. A truly self-confident leader drives projects with precision. Clear thoughts result in verbal clarity and a fervent tone. The natural change is subtle to immediate co-workers creating greater performance synergy overall.

“I’m saying the same thing I always have only now my team is listening.”

Remember, how you say something is as important as what you say. Clear and respectful tones overshadow any former need to inflect authoritarian tones: pitchy, heavy-handed or dominant. Relaxed intelligence encourages leaders to literally speak up. It’s no wonder others listen more.

Leadership is a human experience. INSTEAD of concentrating on what you’re going to say, concentrate on developing greater self confidence and let nature take its course.