Thursday, November 13, 2008

Seminar Satisfaction

I admit that as a speaker I expect a lot from other presenters. I want them to engage me and educate me. Before I register for a seminar or luncheon I:

  1. Check out the scheduled speaker’s bio or website.
  2. Review the marketing materials to see if it is designed to present the information I want.
  3. The location; professional focus.

Homework completed, there is not a lot more we can do to insure we get what we want. Still I’ve been stuck in a room with a presenter that misses the mark and delivers some kind of incoherent unorganized message. What do you do when you attend and pay for a seminar that doesn’t deliver? Here are some answers:

  1. Ask for your money back.
  2. You deserve to obtain the knowledge you expected. Contact the speaker directly and kindly ask them the questions you wanted answered at the seminar. Hopefully they are excellent communicators one on one.
  3. Go home and pour yourself a glass of wine. You deserve a treat for politely sitting through a disappointing presentation.
  4. Stay positive that the next seminar will deliver a top notch program and speaker.

    I encourage you to comment and let us know what you do to get results.

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