Friday, February 20, 2009

The Juggler's Balancing Act

What happens when a juggler attempts to juggle while walking a tight rope? Type A and Type B people in their own chosen element juggle with great success. They are more likely to thrive mentally and physically. When you combine the two you get quite the balancing act; you get the Type AB personality.

More and more women find themselves inside the Type AB parameters. She can be productive and efficient in the work or studies, although she can be calm in situations that require it. Sometimes she feels nervous. She relaxes more than a Type A person but not as much as a Type B person.

Back to the juggler on a tight rope. There is no either or, only AB. Her well rehearsed circus act relies on balance. Sometimes she may need to drop a ball in order to keep from falling. She CAN drop a ball and the show goes on. If she falls: shows over.

We ladies are resilient and flexible, persistent and determined, dedicated, diverse, courageous. We are wives and lovers, mothers and grandmothers, daughters and sisters, and we must juggle daily. A key to balancing it all is to know what ball you really CAN drop to keep moving forward.


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