Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Arbor Mist Bubbly White Zinfandel at a Wine Tasting?

When I moved to my new neighborhood my husband & I hosted a BLIND wine tasting party to meet our neighbors.  We sent out formal invitations and simply requested they bring a white wine.  I mostly drink RED wine but it was a summer time (think hot).

So anyway, my neighbor, Trish, said she didn't drink wine and wasn't sure of what to bring.  Immediate response:  What?  She said, she had tasted wine on occasion but did not like it.  Follow up response:  What!  After the initial shock I told her to pick ANYTHING at the Wine & Spirits store and I added that expensive did not mean better.

The whole idea of the event was to meet neighbors and share my favorite pastime: wine tasting/ consumption.  At the party neighbors tasted a variety of wines and were surprised to discover that one Chardonnay tasted different from another. Or that Pinot Gris tasted a lot like grass (the kind you walk on). And so on!  We played down fancy industry terms.

Back to the whole Arbor Mist experience.  Trish brought the one wine she knew: Arbor Mist White Zinfandel.  When I said, "pick any white wine" I should have added, "And White Zin does not count."  Can you imagine how funny it tasted after a sip of Chardonnay or Sauvignon Blanc?  I was like, "Okay who brought the Bartels and Jaymes wine cooler?" No wonder she said she did not like wine.  Maybe if all I ever tasted was Arbor Mist Bubbly White Zin, I'd consider beer a better option too! 

LEADERSHIP TIP:  When you're asked for guidance by a newby, keep it slightly more specific and include absolute no no's.

What's the oddest or most surprising wine ever brought to one of your gatherings?  Do you have a similar story?

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  1. Having a winemaker husband, our guests are scared to bring wine to our house (some have given up altogether or opting to bring beer instead). Csaba (my husband) is always reassuring.

    All-time worst wine...Couscous Wine (the only wine in a Moroccan restaurant in Bordeaux!!!!)


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