Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Planning 2010 Before Year End

What are you doing NOW to plan for 2010? 

At the moment you're planning what wines to serve with Holiday Meals and Parties.  I'm with you and have a good start on purchasing sparkling and other wines.  Years past we did not realize we could not get wine in PA grocery stores (remember I'm from CA) and Wine & Spirit stores were closed on holidays.  My husband knocked on a winemaker's door and we were saved.  Needless to say wine is first on our holiday event planning list.  As priorities go I highly recommend you add Create a 2010 Leadership Success Plan For Personal & Professional Success.

Wine growers and makers we can't predict what the crops for the next year but they work with what they already can.  They create marketing plans for their existing product, budget for new barrel, create goals for distribution and greater market share, etc.  And they can work on their overall VISION:  why did I start this business and what am I doing now to make sure my dream stays alive?

When you create your leadership success goals now, you can think about your plan of action.  What better time of year to share your vision with friends, family and associates.  Let them know you are already prepared for success in 2010.  Of course you'll need to take a little time now and get it out of your head and put it on paper.

I've got some suggestions to get you thinking - check them out.

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