Monday, February 8, 2010

Leadership Perspective - Fresh Mondays!!!

Fresh Start for Monday - Pay & Plan.  Unlike Garfield the Cat - I like Mondays.

I begin by paying bills.  There is nothing like a sense of completion when closing your checkbook for the week.  Major ahhhhhh, right?

Next I reward myself by finding a wine event (you can choose any activity) and write it in on my calendar.  No time for attending the event or its too far away?  Write it down anyway.  You never know if your schedule will open up for an activity that interests you.  Now your prepared for possibility.

Now your bills are done and you're prepped for fun.  The rest of the week is yours!

Brandywine Trail:  Wine & Chocolate Month

February 2010
Bring your sweetheart and come celebrate with the wineries of the Brandywine Valley Wine Trail as we present delicious wine and chocolate tastings and other romantic activities throughout the month.

See you on the trail?
Monday Inspiration

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