Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Dictate Your Own Schedule, Business & Life

You dictate your schedule, your business and life. This is the powerful mindset you need to successfully be a leader. I caution anyone that sees it the other way around. If you WANT to give your control and passion to someone or something else this is not the blog for you.

Yesterday the sun was shining and was the warmest day of 2010. I had planned to be in the office all day. Tuesday coaching sessions start at 6am and wrap up by around 11. I develop new business the rest of the day. That can mean a networking luncheon, follow-up calls, writing this blog or my ezine. Sometimes I schedule my own personal development.

Given the beauty of the day and the call of the convertible I made some adjustments to my plan. Why couldn’t I write, network and research in the wine country? I checked in with my boss (that would be me) and declared it an excellent idea!

I ventured to Bucks County Wine Trail, PA. This was a work day and I planned to do it my way. The beauty of a vineyard is my place of inspiration. As I sat in the sun and sipped wine I focused on all the same tasks I would have in the office.

The people I met either worked at the winery or were business owners in search of a release. It gave me a chance to connect within my niche. Everyone we meet can use your expertise or services someday. Who knows maybe you need there’s, right?

Don’t be afraid to change up your business day. Resentment, longing and frustration are clear indicators you need attitude adjustment. Talk to your boss (that’s you) and get a new perspective on how to get a handle on your schedule, business and life.


If you ever get to Bucks County, PA, be sure to visit Crossing Vinyards & Winery. The property is majestic, they have award winning wines, and Mary is absolutely delightful.

If all this sounds unachievable consider giving me a call for Life Coaching.

If you would like to inspire others with your own success stories use this blog to COMMENT!

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