Friday, November 13, 2009

Attract New Clients: Lead With Wine

Prospering in today’s economy will require an extraordinary examination of your personal commitment to “the truth” as it relates to your industry in general and your own business or job in particular. In dealing with clients from many different backgrounds, I have noticed that, quite often, we do not make decisions according to what is true. Rather, we make decisions according to what we want to be true. Or what we wish was true. This is usually a recipe for disaster.

Consider the well established restaurant that's been serving food and drink since 1796. By now there’s been quite a turnover in clientele - graveyard conveniently located across the street. As time dictates the menus change as do the people they attract. Once again they felt it was time for a change. So what did they do to get attention and attract new patrons? Host wine events of course!

Until now I've only heard about the Ship Inn and driven past on many occasions. I've asked friends and neighbors; they too have heard about it but haven't been to "that old place on the corner."

New business developer, Terri Stevens, took a realistic look at how the area and culture had change and formulated a new approach. Each month they host a fabulous & affordable wine event. Each event raises money for one particular cause or another. Then she went about spreading the word. She went to the hottest women's groups in town and promised fabulous wine and food events in a classy atmosphere.

They are on to their third month. Each time the place is rocking and everybody’s talking about the "Classy Hot Spot's" next event:
"Traveling Through California Vineyards in Support of Lung Cancer." Proceeds go to the Cancer Center at Paoli Hospital

Notice what's working and what's not working. And when it's not working, change your approach. And keep changing until you finally achieve what it is you're committed to.

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