Monday, November 9, 2009

Coach Jake declares: Enthusiastic Leaders Enjoy Premium Wines

Be the enthusiastic leader in your life! Enthusiasm must be nourished with new action, new aspiration, new efforts, new vision. It is one’s own fault if enthusiasm is gone.

Remember it is the power of enthusiasm that leads others to act- so make it contagious. Our latest joys in Va La’s Enoteca (also known as a wine tasting room) illustrated the resounding response to our celebratorious enthusiasm.

My sister flew from California to Pennsylvania with only 36 hours to share and participate in a special religious event in honor of my son. We were full of life and joy in sharing this time together, brief as it was.

I insisted we visit some wineries on our way back to the airport. During our tasting we concentrated on the wines and intermittently recalled the previous day’s experience. We shared our stories with our server. She was engaged and our energy was quickly transferred.

We then mentioned our next stop was the airport. Surprise, surprise our now high energy yet empathetic server insisted on honoring my sister with a glass of wine from their premium wine list. We smiled, were truly grateful and suggested a premium chocolate would be the perfect pairing for a perfect farewell. The rest goes without saying.

Leadership includes sincere enthusiasm for a meaningful experience and a shared vision. There is truly no desire for resistance only assistance. Part of my job as a leadership coach is to help energize and motivate leaders to focus on those activities that invoke such enthusiasm.

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