Monday, April 26, 2010

Forget About the Competition: Lead & Develop Success

"It's mind over matter, I don't mind because you don't matter." -me

The "you" in this quote refers to the competition. Its time we stop giving our energy and focus to them.  Your own ability to deliver a quality product and outperform the rest depends on your leadership not theirs.  You take control of what happens in your business.  Every second given to checking out the competition is a second away from your personal best. 

When asked what they do to outperform the competition, Ron McManis of McManis Family Vinyards responded: "Our focus is on three things: quality, consistancy and value."

Ron is not checking out the competition's quality and consistency.  He's focusing on his business and what he controls and accomplishes.  Competition is a diversion from success. When you started your company or developed a vision, did it have anything to do with competition?    Maybe quality, consistency and value is what you too want to deliver.  Decide on what they looks like to you. 

Forget about the competition because they don't matter.  What three things you do to lead, succeed and consequently, outperform the competition?

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