Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Beware of Impotent Goals

An impotent goal will not lead you to success rather disappointment.  But a goal with passion at the root will get you where you want to go. If you are working for money, why?  There is rarely a passion for money – rather it’s how you will use the money.  What is it you are so passionate about you are willing to sacrifice?

Example 1

Impotent goal: I will double my income in 2011.

Passionate goal: I will double my income in 2011 to achieve the top sales award and take my husband on a dream vacation to Italy’s Tuscan Wine Country.

Example 2

Impotent goal:  Run 8 miles to get/stay in shape.

Passionate goal:  Run 8 miles so that I can open and drink my last bottle of limited production 2006 David Bruce Petite Sirah, guilt free. 

In my case it was running eight miles through rough terrain to simply enjoy a glass of wine.  The first four miles meet my daily calorie burn.  The next two help me burn more calories than I consume. But the last two miles of calorie burning agony are exclusive of all goals because my passion for wine has driven me to this point.  I can now enjoy a “calorie free” glass of wine this evening.

Beware of impotent goals.

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  1. Coach Jake, I think I need a session or two. I can't seem to set a goal, I just keep rewarding myself with a glass of wine for making it through the day!
    8 mile run? Not unless I can put my wine in a to go cup.
    New career goals? Too busy drinking my wine.

    I've got to stop procrastinating! I think I'll go poor myself a glass of wine and call you. :)


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