Thursday, January 13, 2011

Working Women Want Wine

It's true - based on my personal experience, working women want wine.  Networking events typically offer hors-devours.  For years food has been a determining factor when choosing one event over another.  This works well to magnetize men.  But if you expect working women  on the scene, include the word wine in your event invitation.  We ladies are forever working on our Wine-Waistline(c). Women have gone so far as to include wine under the fruit & vegetables category to replace the food otherwise offered.  Consider this when planning your next business networking event.


  1. I would go so far as to say it should be included on the food guide pyramid. Especially for working moms!

    I always love your blogs. Glad to see you back again!

  2. Wine and networking go hand in hand. Take a situation where many of us might be little nervous, especially if it is the first time at a new group, that glass of wine can help relax you and it can always be the start of a new conversation.

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  4. FROM NUTRITION COACH ANN MURPHY... she sent the following to my personal email:

    Well, I've had several modules where the lecturer's specifically state that drinking a glass of wine a day is great for the health as it relives stress and has antioxidant benefits. Most of them agree that it is one glass a day.
    In reference to your blog post, you are right on. I think the wine pull for women is there for a couple of reasons. First, women want that help unwinding from the days events. I think it can help them refocus. Another reason is that it is almost like a social link....they share a like for a certain type, etc.. I also think that it is fun! Women combine all sorts of reasons and benefits of having some wine with women they are networking with to just have fun, connect and build a know, like, trust relationship that we all know is the key to building any business. (I think the fact that it is a fermented fruit gives it awesome benefits since fermentation is a great way to increase the body's ability to absorb nutrients!)
    Hope this helps!


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