Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Life Leadership

When it comes to our daily lives I pose the question, "Who's leading you?" Could the answer be my clients, my kids, my finances, my staff, or even... my dog? When a client said, "my dog" I knew it was time to blog!

Laura has a lot going on her life. She is a mother of two children in elementary school. She is head of household with a husband that is 70% on the road. She is a school volunteer. She is an author. She is the owner of an adopted 5 year old dog. She believed she had some sort of balance in her life until the dog entered the picture.

Perception is reality and if you believe someone or something is running your life - then it is. If you believe that you have the authority to make your own decisions and control your perspective - you are the leader in your own life.

You decide to be active rather than passive. The busy mom decides on the compromises that often take place. The business owner decides to let a call go to voice mail while she completes the project on her desktop. The community volunteer decides just how much responsibility she will assume for a project. The wife decides how she will spend her time with her husband. The woman who is all of these decides if she will enlist the help of others. You decide to lead yourself enough to love yourself.

But what about the dog? Is the dog part of your family or a pest? It depends on your perception. How do you make decisions about your family, more specifically, your children? You plan meals, babysitters, playmates, doctor appointments and the like. You prioritize & compromise based on the needs of all those around you - including you. You decide if the "baby" is a burden or a blessing.

If the dog is a pest, do what you do with all other pests: get rid of it. Give someone else the opportunity to decide on the dog's behalf.

There are limits to how much we can do in a day. Knowing your limits allows you to actively make decision - to be a leader. Embrace the life leader in you, discover a life full of choices.

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