Thursday, January 15, 2009

A little something for you!

It's a given that women lack the ability to be selfish. Women want to pamper themselves and be pampered. Have you ever seen a woman's magazine that does not include "ways to treat yourself?" Editors know that we fantasize about doing nice things just for us. Most women don't actually act on it.

Recently a group of successful business owner were given the challenge of doing something nice form themselves each day for a week. Assuming their dedication to discipline as required by their business ethic you would think this an easy task. Shocker... only one woman met the challenge.

Here's the kicker, they are big thinkers and dreamers so they thought it was necessary to do something significant. Significant resulted in unachievable when expected to occur daily. The woman who succeeded scaled down her ideas and was quite happy. One of her simple pleasures was to quietly step outside of her world and shave her legs. She tuned out the world and tuned into herself. She stroked her smooth legs and smiled as she shared her simple pleasure.

Give yourself the gift of a guilt-free simple pleasure each day of the week.

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